“Fetch, Little Doggie—named for an insult hurled between female fans fighting over a tambourine at a show—suggests it was a smart move. It’s a hairy-chested rock album with burly licks, pianola frills and what sounds like three heavily made-up women bumping puffy hairdos together while sharing a microphone on the choruses. It’s a ’70s sound, but there are few Zeppelinesque cock-rock pretensions—it’s more like a gritty version of the Doors or a smaller reboot of the Band.” - Martin Cizmar / Willamette Weekly / Portland, OR (Full Article)


Hahah, this happened for Best of Phoenix: Heroes and Villains

Best of Phoenix 2010: Heroes and Villains

Apparently this is what we look like.



Our first EP Greater Aspirations; Lowered Expectations received Best Local Album by the Phoenix New Times:

“Hooves’ four-song EP is as good a local release as you’ll hear. The title perfectly encapsulates the vibe of this classic rock-informed indie record — wizened and a little world-weary, yet playfully ambitious.” -Phoenix New Times (AZ)

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